What is the 1873 Society?

The members of the 1873 Society  are physicians who contribute financially to support he programs of the ECMS Foundation,
demonstrating their commitment to healthcare access in our community. 

To join the 1873 Society, physicians donate $3,000 to the Escambia County Medical Society Foundation, Inc.

Donations may be made fully or in three $1,000 annual contributions.

1873 Society Members will be honored for their generosity in supporting the ECMS-Foundation Projects.

You may also consider making a Memorial Contribution.

The ECMS-Foundation Mission:

The ECMS Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing healthcare services to those most in need throughout Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, while also supporting the physicians who serve those populations.

Consider making a tax deductible donation today

Mail your check payable to ECMS Foundation 4771 Bayou Blvd.  # 157 Pensacola, FL 32503
or donate by CLICKING THIS LINK to pay via credit card.

The 1873 Society Members

Michelle Brandhorst, M.D., Joanne Bujnoski, D.O., Hillary Hultstrand, M.D.,
Susan Laenger, M.D., Jack Kotlarz, M.D., Kurt Krueger, M.D.,
Ken Long, M.D., Jennifer Miley, M.D., Ellen W. McKnight, M.D.,
Brett Parra, M.D., Michael Riesberg, M.D., Robert Sackheim, M.D.,
J. Howell Tiller, M.D., Steve Ziller, M.D.

The ECMS Foundations is a 501(c)(3) Organization 59-1514947

"Escambia County Medical Society, Inc." is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 4771 Bayou Boulevard #157 Pensacola, FL 32503

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